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To become a member of the Aquatech Society of Pool Building and Retailing Professionals, you will need to contact a Membership Development Director who will discuss the specific criteria needed to receive an invitation to join.

Membership Criteria

The Aquatech Society subscribes to the concept that our values define who our Members are. The standards of this code are the basis for our Membership’s actions as individuals, as business entities, as community leaders, as key contributors to the swimming pool industry, and as Members of the Aquatech Society as a whole. The Society’s primary concern is the safety, health and well-being of Member customers, Member employees and Member contractors.

To become a Builder Member of the Aquatech Society you must adhere to the highest product and service standards in the pool industry and exceed the minimum requirements as set forth by the Association of Pool Spa Professionals. Businesses seeking an initiation, at a minimum, must be actively engaged in the swimming pool industry, have completed five successful years in business; possess financial strength throughout their organization; satisfactorily pass a completed product and site inspection, agree to yearly reviews, and be in good standing with the local community.

To start your membership application process, contact a Membership Development Director who will discuss the specific criteria needed to receive an invitation to join.


Delivering exceptional customer service is not an inexpensive business philosophy, nor is keeping up with the latest design advances and technological breakthroughs in building and retail.  The more money your business spends in pursuites of excellence the more it costs your customer. As an Aquatech Society Member you can reduce the cost of doing business for your customers by taking advantage of tremendous offers available exclusively to Members. Discover reduced rates and special incentives from companies such as ADP payroll, BioGuard Chemical, HP Computers, Hayward Pool Products, Jandy Pool Products, National Merchant Credit Card Services, Pentair Pool Products, Polaris, Pool Life Chemicals, and more. Contact a Membership Development Director to learn more about membership and join in the savings!


Aquatech Society Members get the very best information, advocacy, education, and networking opportunities. Here is just a small sampling of why your business should seek a Membership with the Aquatech Society:

Invaluable Networking Opportunities

With an alliance of hundreds of building artisans and retailing professionals, Aquatech is a networking powerhouse! From annual Society Conferences, APSP Building & Retailing Council representatives, and Membership Action Councils, Aquatech provides hundreds of ways for you to meet and build relationships with fellow professionals and nationwide industry suppliers.

Powerful Advocacy

Currently ranked the #1 Society of Pool Building and Retailing Professionals, Aquatech has the strength to assist in the defeat of excessive regulations and defend affordable pool enjoyment across the nation, in your state, and in the communities where you do business. That puts money and time back in your customer’s pocket!

Critical News & Information

For over 45 years the Aquatech Society has been the nation's leading source for pool industry information. Aquatech Society Members use a variety of ways to stay connected to industry information, including publications, e-newsletters, exclusive web site content, bulletins, special reports, e-mail alerts, and industry financial data, among others. Up-to-date information, when you want it, how you want it!

Nationally Recognized Educational Programs

In our competitive marketplace, differentiation is the key to success and the Aquatech Society’s education programs offer just that. The Aquatech Institute offers educational programs in a variety of formats, including a number of APSP, CPB, and CPO designation programs, to help Aquatech Members gain and keep a competitive edge. No matter what your specialty is Aquatech can provide the curriculum, instructors, and prestige to boost your success. Learn how to reduce costs, increase your customer loyalty, and effectively deal with today’s toughest issues through The Aquatech Institute.

Access to Expert Advisors

Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of industry experts at your disposal to address your specific business questions? When you become an Aquatech member, you get access to hundreds of successful professionals with decades of experience. From advanced building techniques to the latest trends in retail the Aquatech Society is sure to assist.

Exposure to the Latest Building Products and Retail Services

As an Aquatech member, you attend Aquatech’s trade shows and expositions and get a first-hand look at all the latest products and services. Each year attendance grows at the Aquatech Society Conference (last year it was over 650) because the word is out that it is a business building experience like no other! Aquatech also sponsors informative educational symposiums in conjunction with the International Pool Spa Expo,and more.

Industry Publications

Knowledge is your best defense in this rapidly changing industry. Aquatech keeps you up-to-date with industry news online, plus, members have access to a variety of articles on specific industry segments such as sales and marketing, remodeling, commercial building and more.

Member Discounts

Reduce your day-to-day business costs with exclusive member-only discounts. Aquatech’s purchasing power means big savings! Your membership entitles you to discounts on office products, PCs, payroll services, overnight delivery, retail items, equipment, chemicals and more. With over 200 Society vendors, nationally known companies such as ADP Payroll, BioGuard Chemical, HP Computers, Hayward Pool Products, Jandy Pool Products, National Merchant Credit Card Services, Pentair Pool Products, Polaris, Pool Life Chemicals, and more are eager to assist in your pursuit to reducing the cost of pool ownership for your customers.

Join the hundreds of professionals who are dedicated to the pool industry. Whether you’re a retailer, residential builder, commercial builder, Aquatech membership provides the tools you need to succeed!